Einstein-PersistIn this article I would like to talk about myself and how the topic of this blog applies particularly to my situation. My whole younger days growing up on the east end of Canada. I thought I was smarter, stronger, and dominate over others around me. This resulted in pride and an enormous ego that would get the best of me years down the road. My pursuit of money and power would soon end me down a dark path of uncertainty. I started various companies in the search of not having to work for someone else. I started a towing company right out of high school with a friend that would change hands and ownership a few times until it was managed right… Let’s just say we were young and dumb and had not idea how a company would operate correctly. My friend is still owner of the company at www.calgarysbestowing.net and has managed to do quite well, so shout outs to him!

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I work with alot of business owners who are starting to learn this concept of placing good vibes and energies into the world. Well infact, they have to be open to a new way of existing because owning a business is one of the hardest things you can do. You take your money, maybe your families money, friends, and investors money to fullfill a invisible dream you wish to wield into reality. You take a financial haircut for a number of years and have to believe in what you have started all that time ago! With these factors to consider i love working with entrepeneurs. So, i have a friend who has taken over his fathers cleaning company and is trying to revamp it’s existance! He has a whole bunch of ideas that his family does not quite believe are essential, but he wants to do something with it that has never been executed. We chat alot about keeping his head up and his vision. As long as he sees it clearly happening and attacks the daily tasks overtime to achieve it, then no one will stop him. Check him out at http://www.terrificcarpetcleaning.com/. He’s a real solid dude and is resilient as hell! The simple mechanics, repetition, and perseverence, is a sure way for attainment!


You attract what you are sending into the cosmo, whether good or bad, it only responds logically to what information is presented. Never assume the position of “victim” in life because “bad” things happen to victims. I don’t know why, but they just do. Well it has to do with how your brain is processing the information, then how it’s sent to your nervous system and emotional connections as well. Lets leave that for another blog post though haha! Anyways… as you can imagine, the opposite happens to people who live in a consist space of gratitude and positivity. You start seeing ways out of circumstances when your in a good place and literally nothing can stop you, BUT YOU. This life of all about beating that face you see every morning. If you do not learn how to beat yourself at every obstacle or negative thought, you will always be reacting too situations and never responding. Did you catch that?!? Reacting is just taking life on at every punch. Responding is all about planning and coordinating the steps to control as much of your life as you can! You can always find the good in the worst of times, you just have to look for it. It will turn out that the bad times actually help you break through because all of the intensity that’s going on within you. FAILURE BREEDS SUCCESS, -period.

I noticed the world wants to strip you away from your own beliefs. They may deter you from having something you have faith in. This can be religion, ideals, or something that is exclusive to you. I noticed as time goes on less and less are believing in anything really. Just going on with this existence as if there is no point to it. Life is a gift, not a curse SO STOP TREATING IT AS IF IT’S SOMETHING THAT SHOULD END. By doing nothing you are no taking advantage of the life that has been given to you. One way or another it is going to end whether you took massive action or just sat back. What impact and legacy do you want to live the civilizations that come after us?!?!  Think about that folks and write a comment down below to let me know if this tingles your taste buds =) You gotta have tough skin to take all opinions, negativity, and problems that will occur when believing in yourself! Train the mind to bounce the bullshit off your chest and to the gutter. That is where it belongs, so it doesn’t bring you down.

We live in a very materialistic and visual world, coming into the information era. This has led us only to believe what we can see and prove. This is very poisonous because you must envision an invisible product or service before it can be brought into reality. This is the only way we have come this far as a society. The sooner you can develop this skill of convincing others you have a grand idea, the better chance you will have of making it real. Ahhh you don’t believe you need anyone?  Well, that is the entirely wrong way of thinking. You will need individuals who can open doors and have the resources to make all your dreams come true.  You are always stronger as a team and make sure you find the right help along the way.

Also, remember people that if you can wield strong enough belief and faith in something you absolutely need to get done, then those two factors will get you through hard times that are inevitable to come. This is because you can see past all the downfalls of today and tomorrow when you have a greater purpose. Believing in yourself will make it, so you are not easily swayed from your destination. The human mind and the law of attraction are so strong that you will be surprised what lucky breaks and good fortunes will appear when you take action and keep the faith. Spirit, the universe, and the higher being up above knows your conscious and what you desire. It will guide you when the road gets dark. Thank you for taking the time to read this article post. I’m off to bed now *yawn*. Goodbye, world!

ambition-428983_960_720I hate how having ambition has got a bad rap in society views. It has been pegged with ideas of greed and selfishness! This is quite sad because only people who lack the trait and do not desire to acquire it have opinions like this. Let me blow some of your minds by reminding that without ambition all the products and service we love and use on a frequent basis would not be here. Without someone having the drive to create the chair you’re sitting on you would not be in a relaxed position reading this. This goes the same for computers, phones, or tablet devices you would be reading this on. Even deeper would be me not even able to blog about the topic without the creation of the internet… I’m sure you get the point by now, but still I want to share today that some people are born with this valuable quality. If you are not one of those individuals then never fear because this quality can be acquired. This is done by realizing that what you’re doing isn’t enough at the moment. It is also done by having a mind shift occur…

What i do mean by a “mind shift”?

You must see that whatever you are trying to accomplish must be attacked with the upmost ambition and drive to see the mission through to the end. You must wake up every morning to know that you have a bigger purpose with the energy within you. This goes for people who have already achieved goals. There is always another step and another ladder to a “better you” and position. It’s focus and determination to stay on the path that will see your ambition turn as a result in the end. The reason I chose to speak about ambition today is because I see so many people letting the inner power within themselves die with all the daily battles they face. Pessimism is the result of giving up on what can be done in the time they have on this planet. This turns into a rare quality that you see a few individuals have in your workspace, schooling environment or anything that you can compare yourself to another.


If you are one of these folks who sets out for more, you will start to notice that the circle you are around will begin to make remarks and criticize you for wanting to be in a better place. You become the odd one out, but to stick out, you have to be number 1 ( which is an odd number). You are clearly heading in the right direction and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Before any action can be taken there must be a desire. The fire within you will build up so high that you will have to take action or else you will explode. You must be self-motivated to get yourself off the couch and get the ball rolling. So the point I’m getting at here is you need your own aims and goals in life that separate your existence here on the planet earth.


Have the ambition to do what you want! Have the ambition to connect that want with others, and the creative expression that comes from those two. I’ve been on a rant today, but I really wanted to spit out some insight on the topic and how important it is in our everyday lives. For you guys who are on the same page, i would like to thank you and spread the message to as many people as you can. George here, signing off!




Bill Gates had a great way of sticking it to the schooling systems of today. He said that his peers that scored higher on the SAT exam and outperformed on academic fronts were great candidates for the team he would later higher for Microsoft. Haha, i love that man for letting the many other dreamers know that it takes more than just a book smart factor to achieve great feats on this planet! I don’t care who you are, with enough belief and the resourcefulness to attract individuals who can make the invisible visible to the naked eye; and then there is nothing that can stop you.


The universe will move out of your way and no longer hold you back. Have you seen that people who tend to succeed just continue to grow their influence, wealth, and self-worth on this planet? This is because they have broken through the limitations that have held many of us back all these years. You must know how you did it, though, or else you can get lucky once or twice and lose it almost immediately. It’s sad to say, but the only way you learn how you did something is by mentorship, trial, and error. You attempt, you fail forward, and take all the lessons from the perilous times and use the as building blocks, as a foundation to get you to that grandiose goal you envision in your head.


There is no way around hard work, and shortcuts are just going to get you in trouble, TRUST ME I know all about cutting corners and getting the repercussions later on from it. A typical question I see at the self-improvement conferences I attend is how do you stay on the path, stay focused when that course of time could be five years? I’ve seen many variations of answers, but the best I’ve heard paraphrased of course is you have to be totally in love and passionate about what you do, because when the hard times come, and they are coming;  you will have to use that love to keep you going. Otherwise, you will quit, make excuses, and set yourself up for failure. Not only must you love it, but you cannot do it for strictly pursuing profits. If you are attacking this task for merely an advantage, you will turn away when hiccups appear and take you off the path.

Hey, guys, my name is George, and I’m writing this blog to talk about self-development and my progress of learning and growing. I aspire to open a life coaching center in Toronto, Canada. I surround myself with highly motivated and focused people. It is the only way if you wish to obtain the life you desire. My idols and excellent teachers are some of the biggest names in the industry. Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas, and Brendon Burchard just to name a few. I will be sharing some of their videos on this blog to spread powerful messages. I will also be trying to refer you folks taking the time to view this site to some awesome self-empowerment material that can change an individual’s life. Let me take you on a journey of becoming alive!Continue reading

Hey guys, so today I would like to speak about the importance of being self-aware! Every day we wake up and have to face ourselves in the mirror. This is referring to your whole existence. What you understand and what you don’t! We must always be evaluating ourselves to assess if we are moving in the right direction or not. REMEMBER you are not judging yourself, but keeping yourself in line. There’s an old African proverb that says… “If there is no enemy within then, the enemy outside can do us no harm.” What a beautiful metaphor for us to reflect on! Given who you are at any point in your life, you can always make the decision to tune your thoughts and beliefs to be in line with what you actually desire! I will tell you now, that developing yourself doesn’t come to your overnight! It takes time and pressure to form a diamond.We work the same way… I work with people from all walks of life and circumstances on self-improvement. I have made it part of my mission statement, to get people in the right emotional and psychological state. I work with fighters, students, business owners, and anyone else who is wishing for help! I aim to develop individuals and enjoy the end results they have reached for within themselves. I recently worked with a boxer in Missasagua, and once he unlocked his mental capacity, everything changed for him. He went on to win his next four fights, and I still believe he will continue to be greater than he could ever imagine! I worked with a business owner who quit his day job as a garbage man to pursue his own company. He was at his companies salary cap and had the desire to push on and achieve more! So he went on to open a junk removal service. With the help of Craigslist and other sourcing sites like that, he was able to get his foot off the ground and surpass any of his wildest dreams! We should always be growing and forming our existence towards the greater good of our being! Someone I would love to speak on is Connor Mcgregor! For those of you who don’t know who this wonderful gentleman is, he is the featherweight champion of the world! UFC owner Dana White calls him the Mohammed Ali of the sport and sees great things in his future. Conner Mcgregor is an exquisite example of the man in the mirror. If you have ever heard him speak… you might have come to the quick conclusion that he is a loud mouth or arrogant! If you really look past the showmanship, you will learn that his mental condition and ability to visualize himself on the top carries across all of his performances. Some will even say he has the ability to predict his fights and the outcome he will finish his opponents! If you go and take a look at his pre-fight interviews, he speaks on how he will take out his competitors and in which round they will fall! It is quite spectacular to have watched him fight through the featherweight division! On December 12th, 2015, Connor fought Jose Aldo for the belt and took him out in extraordinary fashion. The fight lasted a whopping 13 seconds… That record beat out Rhonda Rousey for the fastest fight in history! Remember Jose Aldo hadn’t lost for ten years before this battle! To beat a champion in such fashion was something else… He called exactly what would happen as well. He said that Jose would tense up his body, throw an overhand right. Connor said he would step left, throw the left hook and catch up him. He did exactly that! There has never been a fighter who could predict so accurately the outcome of a fight. He is all about evaluating himself and making the necessary changes to become a better version of himself! He believes in the concepts of manifestation and the law of attraction. Affirmations are definitely part of his arsenal! He is proud and well spoken! He is the money card on every fight and has made from “nothing, to something, to everything”. I love the fellow and everything he stands for. Remember that you have to look past all the showboating and theatrics. Underneath it all, he is true to himself and his principals. You can not ask more out of a man!

Hey guys, welcome to my new website called Eyed Zine. I just wanted to say “Hey.” Anyways, check back tomorrow for more content.